Since 2013, more than 6,000 people have participated in a world-class business innovation workshop.

We are helping to explore the essence of mid-sized / small and medium-sized enterprises from startups in various forms such as start-up acceleration workshops, business model design and advanced workshops, discovery of market problems and searching for ideas,


Workshop topics, duration, target sectors are as follows.

  • Workshop Topics
    • Changes to Innovation Mindset (eg Lean Mindset Game)
    • Identify product / service ideas (eg EDC / Exploration-Dig In / Out-Conception workshop)
    • Business model design (eg BM Design workshop)
    • Business model improvement and enhancement (eg BM Renovating workshop)
    • Customer development and business hypothesis verification (eg Experiment workshop)
    • Reconfiguring patterns in business models (eg Business Pattern Game workshop)
    • Checking growth mechanisms and establishing strategies (eg ActionBoard workshop)
    • Establishing business strategies such as market entry / competition / cooperation / water / price / channel
    • Platform Business Design
    • Explore trend-based opportunities
    • Establish industry analysis and strategy
    • Restart / Blue Ocean Strategy / Service Design
    • Based on business innovation coaching
  • Workshop Type
    • Public Class
      • To be updated
    • Customized corporate training
      • ► [Portfolio]

        • Large enterprise training center and business division
        • Large Commercial Research Division
        • Start-up and social venture development agency
        • Job Creation Agency
        • Researcher Technology Commercialization Division
        • Small Champion Enterprise Unit
        • Start-up
  • Workshop Duration
    • Typical Workshop: Half-Day, One-Day, Two-Day Workshop
    • Camp-type workshops for 3 to 5 days

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