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Outside-In Strategy

As shown below, Zen Approach consists of three stages. Despite of a market research of whatever scale and depth, more than 80% of new products and services fail in the market. It is simply because of a gap between the product/service and the market. Zen Approach runs on the stages of Concept, Plan and Action and have them repeated in a single loop process.

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Balanced Integrity

A good business is always based on a good concept. We shape a concept into a plan and then realize that plan into execution. Out of the three: concept, plan, and execution, which one do you think a common business model framework is intended for?

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Loop Learning

Let’s take an example of an owner of a pizza restaurant who’s thinking of ways to increase sales. Provided the solution has been set to improve the return rate of VIP customers, let us try to define the beginning and the end of a customer-centric view. We simply place a customer and a company (including its product) on a canvas first then develop their relationship into more complex ones.

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Business Model Zen is..

A customer-centric, insightful approach to business models
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