As shown below, Zen Approach consists of three stages. Despite of a market research of whatever scale and depth, more than 80% of new products and services fail in the market. It is simply because of a gap between the product/service and the market. Zen Approach runs on the stages of Concept, Plan and Action and have them repeated in a single loop process.








Zen Idea (Concept) 

To create new business idea, centered on the market and the customer

Zen Design (Plan)

To materialize the concept of the business and design its structure

Zen Action (Execution)

To win sympathy about the solution from customer and repeat execution / learning

Tool: ZEN Canvas / Pattern / Cube / Diagnosis / Map, etc.

Therefore, errors in a business hypothesis need to be identified and corrected constantly, based on early responses from the market. The loop process of Zen Approach eventually helps the product / service converged completely into the market.