Many people in business model communities are talking about business model zen. Let’s see  what they are saying.


*What People Say



Sean Murphy

“I am not a canvas guy. Yours is the best (business model) canvas I’ve seen because it works outside in.” – Sean Murphy (Early Customers & Early Revenue for Technology Firms)



Tristan Kromer

” Great, I like your cube. Good design! Please let me know if you are in SF sometime and I will invite you to the LSC unconference.” – Tristan Kromer (LeanStartupCamp Unconference Organizer)



Cesar Malacon

“Your idea is great in two ways: 1 the canvas itself is beautiful. it really looks beautiful. And is a very good way to visually present a road to analyse a business condition and its future.
2. It is good idea you can fit in there these 4 methods already validated by the consulting practitioner community (including wanna be’s).” – Cesar Malacon (Principal Strategy Consultant)



Fabio Buiza

“Just GREAT!!

This is a very good idea, practical, simple and systemic, thanks for sharing this tool.

We’ll have to translate it and test it with entrepreneurs to see how it works and plays.

I translate it into Spanish and I hope we will soon see its practical application.

Thousand Thanks Again”

Thank you and Greetings from El Salvador”  – Fabio Buiza (Consultor)



Mohammed Hajjar

“Is there a tools that can be downloaded?

I love the concept. Could you send me the link please?” –  Mohammed Hajjar (President at Pronited)




“Great fusion of models ! with a comprehensive and integrated view smart to do the job.” – Ivan Laguna (Executive MBA and IT specialist, focus in develop customer value, innovate and improve profits for business models)




“Impressive analysis and structure for how to combine different methods.” – Niclas Claesson (Management Consultant)




“Nice work!” – Gabriel Cabanas (Asesor del Presidente Electo del XXI Ayuntamiento de Tecate B.C.)




“Tool Cube for consultants and managers.

Could be interesting tat use. Everything in your hand, not in your brain.” – Javier Gonzalez Martínez (Consultant and trainer, Marketing&Innovation Strategist)




“Interesting approach.

I vary my canvas depending on the client business and business cycle stage.

I like to maintain the original nine building blocks, but usually end up with twelve to sixteen building blocks.

The problem/solution approach fits startups or new product launch. Value curve can be another block. Online adaptation cuts across most blocks..etc   One needs to remain flexibly and adapt the canvas to client needs.” – Rafeh Saleh (Management Consulting Director at CID Consulting)




“I’m also interested in this model. Would there be an electronic version in the future?” – Rocky Romero (Business Coach and Strategist)




“Interesting approach for new and old SME’s that are looking to boost their revenue.” – Lucas JAVANI (Proactive Investor and Expert Consultant on-demand)




“Well done! Anything that makes things simpler is good.” – David Adams (Business Development Coach & Consultant | Helping Law Firms and Other Professionals Grow Revenue.)




“Cho, certainly is complex but it is an excellent job!

I also was looking for a way to work together these methods and your Business Model Zen Canvas is a great synthesis also visual. As a next step you can make a tool (online?)  Cheer” – Carlo Balestrini