Did you know many great business ideas are sharing some common key disciplines?

Now you can check out 25 key disciplines extracted from more than 500 business innovation cases to make your business more SOFT.

Not surprisingly, SOFT includes some similar disciplines with those of TRIZ and SCAMPER. But it is rooted on study of many business innovation cases. So I bet it has more good fit on making great business ideas.




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Collective Thinking (=Sum, Split, Subtract)

Get together as one

  • Gather customer’s preferences
  • Gather distinctive proposals    [video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=”23135586&rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”(case) CafePress”]
  • Gather great experiences    (case) Uniqlo Wakeup


Divide into several things

  • Divide the share
  • Divide and sell as much as you consumed     (case) ZipCar
  • Divide into single one and contents


  • Make it unnecessary and omit    (case) Hidden Radio   Hop!
  • Remove the choice    (case) BiblioMat


 Relational Thinking (=Orchestrate)

Segment drastically

  • Make non-customers customers


Help the exchange desire

  • Reuse what people did    (case) Mine Kafon
  • Help people exchange the goods    (case) RelayRides


Connect each other

  • Connect people who want to meet     (case) PatientsLikeMe   Kiva
  • Connect a different kind of things    (case) Lumio   Soccket


 Cash flow Thinking (=Flow)

Make it fluidized

  • Make the fixed assets floating assets
  • Make the interest spread     (case) The Friendship Machine   Anthon Berg


Let them work in the free time

  • Change the remaining 10 minutes valuable    (case) Fold It
  • Change the behavior through the pleasure     (case) The Speed Camera Lottery    The world's deepest bin


Reduce the extinction value

  • Make the non-stock assets into stock
  • Change the feature to be sold      (case) Sleeping Around


System Thinking (=Twist)

Replace the system

  • Solve the problem outside the system     (case) M-PESA
  • Change the problem differently   (case) Mine Kafon


Reverse the restrictive matters

  • Make the system for the poor   (case) Chamak    D.light
  • Contrive the change of order or relation  [video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=”47425728&rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”(case) The Porthole”]   ”The

Control and reorganize the unbalance

  • Combine the profitable/non-profitable products
  • Make the profit by free model


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You can download SOFT Ideation PDF file     [Download not found]