Visual Action Board can make you to validate value hypothesis of your business model. You can plan an experiment and check the real action status as SCRUM project management do.


*How to use it

  1. Break down your business hypothesis into 3 parted assumptions. (C-P, P-S, S-E)
  2. Plan how to experiment on each assumptions.
  3. Set up criteria on completion and success of experiment.
  4. Attach experiment post-it to To-Do area of sprint zone.
  5. Move the experiment post-it to Doing and Done as status changes.
  6. Reflect the result and share the lesson with your team.
  7. Decide if the assumption is validated or not.
  8. Modify the old assumption to new one if it is invalidated.
  9. All the process is iterative and ordered by C-P, P-S and S-E.