What we want, purpose can not be achieved with no purpose.

Every people does not start their life by his/her own decision. We are decided to be born by parents. So to know the purpose of life is challenge to us in its essential.

As an entrepreneur when you build your own business, you already decide to make something not exists before.

To start your business is not just for making something. If so, after you made something you will lose your motivation.

To start your business is not just for making big money. If so, after you earn big money too early or too late (that’s more usual) you will lose your motivation.

Just think over this is a decision you will invest 5 year of your life at least. And think big you can build business that can last more than 100 years to achieve bold mission to make impact on world by problem solving.

Maybe you don’t have to start by bold purpose. But if you don’t still find purpose of your business even after 1 years from kick-off, you will find yourself stuck in the mud.

The good news is that you can set up your purpose of business in its early days if you really want.