We offer business innovation coaching helping large businesses, midsize and small businesses, and start-ups to grow.

In addition to exploring the essence, we look at the business from various perspectives and deeply coach in order to discover meaningful customer value in the market, to seek differentiation points, to secure sustainable business structure and rapid growth trajectory.


If you have any of the following problems, business innovation coaches can help you.

  • I have a technology, but it is vague about how to commercialize it
  • If you are having difficulty figuring out the concept of a product / service
  • If you are facing difficulties in establishing specific strategies and direction in the process of commercializing products / services
  • If you want to check the customer demand of the product / service and re-establish the planning direction
  • If the business model is not yet firm and has not reached the level for a sustainable business
  • If you are confused about what to prepare specifically for a business to attract investment
  • If existing business is in a swamp of growth stagnation and you want to revitalize business and enter new business
  • If you are re-establishing your business strategy and are positioning for changes in market and competitive environment

  • Features
    • Coaches will help you discover and prescribe innovation points by checking your company’s current business at 360 degrees.
    • The way of coaching by the way of visual coaching naturally remains as a product, which helps to the discussion of the picco company.
    • Instead of asking the consultant to answer, ask the coach to help the entrepreneur find his or her own answer.
    • At important points, the coach will guide you directly and provide regular feedback on assignments and performance results.
  • Coaching Process
    • Pre-consultation (meeting) for coaching scope and goal setting
    • Coaching agreement (coaching duration and cost setting)
    • Provided with diagnosis service standard in coaching process
    • Your strategy may include industry expert dual coaching.
  • Service Type
    • One Point : Takes about 2 hours
    • Quick Track  : 3 months (6 sessions, 90 minutes per session)
    • Normal Track : 6 months (12 times, 90 minutes per session)
    • Year based : Contracts are made on a yearly basis (20 ~ 24 times)
    • Mixed :  Coaching in parallel with workshops

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